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SPRINGFIELDUK is situated within a mature plot of land, with a large beautifully kept field surrounded by trees. 

Our amazing experiences onsite include:

  • Archery, 

  • Air Rifle Shooting

  • Axe Throwing. 


If you have never tried these - they are amazing and really good fun!!!

The archery courses (minimum age 12) are run by Fully Qualified ArcheryGB instructors. Here, you would start with an initial training on the static target range, followed by whats known as field archery course. Within the field archery section of the experience, you would compete for points shooting at various foam animal shaped targets and when you are in a group, this is when it all gets very competitive - lets put it this way... if you go with a group of friends and you were friends at the start, you wont be by the end!

The air rifle / pistol shooting and Axe throwing is just as fun (if not more), but the age limit is restricted to 14 and upwards. The guns you get to use here are not your normal funfair style single pellet guns, but... in fact, just check our gallery page for yourself!

We are located just within London’s M25, its a short 10 minute drive to access the M25, M1, and the A1. A short 5 minutes drive away is Radlett. There is a train station here that takes you straight into the heart of London’s King Cross. The main road outside is in fact "Edgware Road". This is a straight road that leads to London Marble arch.