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We operate a Target and woodland archery range (both being outdoors) for beginners and professionals alike. If you've never experienced archery before, why not book yourself on our 'Introduction to Archery' session with an Archery GB instructor. 

A session that lasts approx 1 hours starting with, teaching you the basics of archery with emphasis on fun and safety. Once you are confident enough and have completed the the first part of the practice course, the session continues with a gentle walk through our woodland course, shooting at various animal shaped targets. The whole session is challenging yet fun and WILL get you hooked...


The Woodland Archery is made up of 3D targets set along a trail through the woods. Each target is set at various distances to suit different skill levels. Distances range from 10 yards for juniors to as much as 30 yards for  the more experienced archer. 

The whole course is set outdoors - the whole archery experience is designed to give a you a sense of realism and adventure.

(also mobile - call for prices)

PRICES for  'the Archery' Experience -  (minimum age 8)

£45.00 per adult

£35.00 per child (under 16) 


Enjoy trying out a range of guns during this unique shooting experience at our outdoor woodland range.


This superb Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience is a fantastically unique experience that makes the perfect,  friends or family, corporate , birthday experience gift for a shooting enthusiast or just a fun and memorable solo activity to enjoy yourself!

Shooting in a beautiful woodland location, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning surroundings and plenty of fresh air as you get to grips with a variety of guns. Under expert tuition from our instructors, you will be in the best hands possible, and if you have never shot before you will be surprised at how quickly you can pick it up!


Mixed targets are set out at various points throughout the location with the guns and one of our instructors will be able to assist you to get top scores.


This is a great opportunity to experience the extreme thrill of shooting in a controlled outdoors environment. This is a fun and exciting activity to enjoy with friends or family but equally can be enjoyed as an individual - so get shooting now and don't look back! Check out our gallery of the guns you get to experience. 


PRICES for the 'Air Rifle and Pistol' Experience  (minimum age 14)

£45.00 per person 

kids crossbow 2.jpg
Air rifle course at Springfield in St Albans

There’s nothing more fun than learning how to throw knives and axes and as satisfying when you start hitting your target every time. Our range is designed and built for Axe and Knife throwing, and offers a unique, safe and exciting addition to the archery and shooting that’s already on offer at Springfield Farm. Our instructors will coach you and your friends throughout the hour-long session, helping you to hone your skills. 


PRICES for the 'Axe throwing' Experience  

(minimum age 14)

(also mobile -
call for prices)

£30.00 per person 


So that the younger children aren't left out, we have the children's crossbow with sucker darts. Experience starts with an instructor explaining safety rules, followed by some target practice rounds. Once the children are proficient, they then move onto the field archery course - seeing who can score the most. This experience lasts approx 30 minutes.


PRICES for the 'Children's Crossbow' Experience  


£20.00 per person