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The Walther WA2000 is a remarkable semi-automatic bullpup sniper rifle that was developed in West Germany following the tragic events of the Summer Olympics Munich Massacre in 1972.

Originally designed exclusively for military and police use by snipers and marksmen, its production costs were notably high due to its exceptional quality and accuracy, resulting in limited sales.

Consequently, production only spanned a brief six-year period from 1982 to 1988, yielding a mere 176 units. As a result, this rifle has become an exceptionally rare and highly valuable firearm, even gaining recognition for its appearance in the film 'The Living Daylights,' where it was used by James Bond.


  • CNC 6063 Aluminium Housing & Barrel for superior construction
  • Walnut Wood Stock, Cheek Pad, Hand Guard & Grip for a classic and elegant look
  • Ambidextrous Adjustable Cheek Pad for enhanced comfort and versatility
  • 130mm Top Rail for attaching various accessories
  • Fully Adjustable & Detachable Bipod for stable shooting positions
  • ARES All Climate TX System for reliable performance in diverse weather conditions


  • TYPE: Spring Power
  • MATERIAL: CNC 6063 Aluminium + Walnut Wood
  • LENGTH: 950mm
  • WEIGHT: 6600g
  • FIRE MODE: Safe/Fire
  • MAGAZINE: 50 rounds (6mm BB)
  • POWER SOURCE: Bolt Action - Spring
  • HOP-UP: Adjustable for improved accuracy


  • 50 rounds Magazine
  • Demo Magazine
  • Demo Bullet
  • Bipod
  • Cleaning Rod

Ares WA2000 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle (Real Wood - Bipod - SR-018)

SKU: IW - 212244
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