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This airsoft gun is a matte black replica with a SHADOW handguard and stock tube. The M-LOK grip can be adjusted to three positions to suit the shooter's needs. Depending on the model, it comes with 2 textile accessories for the handguard and silencer (SHADOW XI), 1 textile accessory for the handguard (SHADOW IV), or no accessories (SHADOW III). The gun features a steel muzzle (SHADOW III) or includes a silencer (SHADOW IV & SHADOW XI).

It has a functional and ambidextrous bolt catch, and the magazine release is located on both sides of the body. The external pull selector has been reduced to improve the "trigger discipline" position, allowing the index finger to be extended properly.

The airsoft gun is equipped with a 60º Mapple leaf, which is installed with a fixed-shaped cam to consistently exert the same pressure on the rubber. This ensures there is no displacement or incorrect placement of the cam and its nub, resulting in a consistent pressure effect and maintaining a constant fps per shot in the designated area.


Other features of this gun include a telescopic stock with 5 positions, programmable electronic trigger, quick spring change capability, a precision barrel of 0.3mm, integrated MOSFET, metallic muzzle/silencer, metal flip-up sights, and a magazine capacity of 120 rounds. It has 8mm bushings and a bearing combination, a reinforced polymer piston with all teeth in metal, silver wiring, a hi-torque engine, a CNC steel cylinder and cylinder head in a single piece for improved compression, a metal spring guide with bearings to prevent spring twisting, and a T-DEAN connector for the battery. The CNC trigger has external travel regulation through a screw, allowing the reduction of travel and shooting sensitivity.




  • Category: Rifle
  • Weapon Powered By: Electric
  • Weapon Powered FPS: 301 - 350
  • Construction: Metal
  • Weapon Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Weapon Variant/Platform: M4
  • Weapon Fire Mode: Safe/Single/Auto
  • MOSFET: Ares ETU


SKU: IW - 213256
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