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Introducing the Tag Innovations HPA Version Madritsch Grenade Launcher in sleek black, accompanied by a convenient carrying case. This product is not for the faint of heart, but let us assure you, it's undeniably cool.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate method of launching Tag Innovations shells. With this self-contained launching system, you'll experience unrivaled performance. But wait, there's more! Included in this package is the HPA stock system, which enhances firing consistency, extending your range and capabilities.


Equipped with a 13CI compressed air tank featuring a 950 PSI regulator, you'll receive five backing plates to launch the shells of your choice. And that's not all – we've also included an exceptional case, meticulously designed to perfectly accommodate every item provided.


Undoubtedly, this is the optimal means to launch Tag Innovations shell products. However, it's important to note that this extraordinary experience comes with a considerable price tag.


Type: Tag Launching Shells

Brand: Tagg Innovation Weapon

Category: Launcher Power

Source: HPA (High-Pressure Air)

Construction: Full metal

Hop Up: Not applicable

Variant/Platform: Grenade Launcher

Blowback: None

Recoil: None

Shell Ejecting: Yes

Fire Mode: Safe/Single Shot


Tag Innovations HPA Version Madritsch Grenade Launcher (with Case - Co2 Powered

SKU: IW - 212521
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